Blair Powers to ULMS Win at Freedom

DELEVAN, NY- Max Blair continued his dominance in the United Late Model Series for Super Late Models at Freedom Motorsports Park on Friday, July 13th, before a large crowd, shrugging off an early race hiccup to dominate the 30 lap event and pocket $2500, plus $300 for setting fast time. Though there were only ten cars on hand, due in part to a rash of engine failures among ULMS drivers and other circumstances, the bright lights were there to shine and the brightest, Blair, from Centerville, PA, set the bar even higher as he scored his seventh Series win of the season in the 30 lap “Pete Loretto Memorial.”
Polesitter Greg Oakes took the early lead, with Mike Maresca immediately jumping into second.and Blair, who started sixth, daring into third. Following a caution on lap three, the dynamic changed, as, on the restart, there was some heavy contact involving several cars, resulting in Blair being shuffled back to seventh. He noted, “I got hit going into the corner and got shoved up the race track and then we got hit real hard coming off the corner and made me fall back, but it’s all part of racing,”
Oakes and Maresca continued to set the pace, with several drivers jockeying for position behind them. As Oakes drew out to a lead, the caution flew on lap 13 for a flat tire on the Dave Hess car. Under caution, the race took another turn, as leader Oakes suddenly lost power in turn one, with Maresca assuming the top spot. He was under immediate siege from Blair, who had clawed his way back to the front. The two raced side by side before Blair edged in front on lap 16.
Blair then went hammer down and opened a substantial lead, as Maresca gamely tried to keep him in sight. A final caution on lap 24, for a flat tire on the Mike Wonderling car, gave Maresca one more opportunity, but Blair, who set fast time this night and holds the track record, drove away over the final laps. Maresca settled for second, followed by Oakes, who was able to get his machine re-fired, Bryce Davis, and Hess to complete the top five.
Blair offered, “It was a little hairy there, for awhile, but it all worked out. We got back by those guys and we’re sitting here. It’s awesome. This year has just been unbelievable”
In the 20 lap Sportsman race, Brad Rouse, from St Catharines, Ontario, re-claimed his dominance after seeing his unbeaten streak broken by Josh Wilcox the previous week, scoring his fifth win by wiring the field from the pole. Two cautions, the second on lap 18, and a strong challenge from Kyle Inman kept the issue in doubt, but the veteran Rouse was able to handle all adversity to win going away. Inman took second, with Ray Bliss, Wilcox, and Tony Pangrazio completing the top five.
Rouse allowed, “No matter where we put the car, it was sticking. These guys worked hard and we got it back to where we usually have it.”
The 20 lap “Bixby Hill Shootout” for the Street Stocks, with $1,000 to win, produced a highly competitive race and saw two newcomers this season, former 360 standout Glen Whritenour and Curt Stebbins, duke it out for the win. After two early cautions, Whritenour took the lead from the outside pole and set a brisk pace, with Stebbins, who took second on a lap two caution, nipping at his heels.
Three subsequent cautions kept Stebbins in Whritenour’s rear view mirror, with Stebbins able to get alongside on a lap seven restart before Whritenour re-established his advantage in the entertaining race. At the line, it was Whritenour, from Jasper, and Stebbins close at the front, followed by track champion Bill Taylor, Andy Michael, and Pat Powers the top five.
NOTES: The large crowd on hand proved the drawing power of the Super Late Models, who will be making two more appearances at the tight Freedom oval, August 10th and September 15th……………..Next Friday, July 20th, the Outlaw 40, a Fulton Outlaw 200 qualifier with $2500 to win, should draw a good crowd, as well.
ULMS Super Late Models- (30 laps) – 1. Max Blair, 2. Mike Maresca, 3. Greg Oakes, 4. Bryce Davis, 5. Dave Hess Jr., 6. Mike Wonderling Jr., 7. Chris Hackett, 8. Nathan Hill, 9. Al Brewer, and 10. Jason Dobson. Heat winners were Blair and Oakes.
Sportsman: (20 laps) – 1. Brad Rouse, 2. Kyle Inman, 3. Ray Bliss, 4. Josh Wilcox, 5. Tony Pangrazio, 6. Austyn Fugle, 7. Alan Bratek, 8. Mark Harsch, 9. Tim Schram, 10. Nate Kosen, and 11. Cody Egner.. Heat winners were Bratek and Fugle.
Street Stocks: (20 laps) – 1. Glen Whritenour, 2. Curt Stebbins, 3. Bill Taylor, 4. Andy Michael, 5. Pat Powers, 6. Ryan Allen,  7. Joe Chamberlain 8. Dustin Goss, 9. Ted Mascho, 10. Dennis Cummings, and 11. Bill Demick. Heat winners were Powers and Stebbins.
 7.6.18 Results
Modifieds: (25 laps) – 1. Billy Van Pelt, 2. Phil Vigneri III, 3. Shayne Pierce, 4. Dylan Groover, 5. Tony Pangrazio, 6. John Venuto, 7. Andy Jankowiak, 8. Patrick Emerling, and  9. Shannon Whaley. DNS. Adam Hilton. Heat winners were Van Pelt and Pierce.
Sportsman:  1. Chad Chevalier, 2. Dave Dipietro, 3. Brett Senek, 4. Kyle Inman, 5. Brad Rouse, 6. James Henry, 7. Jim Harbison, 8. Garrison Krentz, 9. Brian Bellinger, 10. Austin Susice, 11. Trevor Wright, 12. Scott George, 13. Dave Conant, 14. Zack George, 15. Derrick Borkenhagen, 16. Jonathan Reid, 17. Austin Fugle, 18. Cody Egner, 19. Alan Bratek, 20. Cody McPherson, 21. Adam Leslie, 22. Josh Wilcox, 23. Luke Carleton, and 24. Zack Sam. Heat winners were Henry, Leslie, Bratek, Chevalier, and Dipietro. Consi winners were Reid and Conant. Dash winner was Cameron Tuttle. .
Street Stocks: (16 laps) – 1. Byron DeWitt, 2. Billy Taylor, 3. Bill Demick, 4. Ted Mascho, 5. Dennis Cummings and 6.. Joe Chamberlain. Heat winner was Chamberlain.
Mini Stocks: (15 laps) – 1. Chris Leone, Holden Heineman, 3. Bruno Mowery, 4. Duane Powers, 5. Billy Weller, 6. Rich Conte, 7. Dylan Strade, 8. John Parthemer, 9. Dave Lowe, 10. Damyan Clark, and 11. Bradley Steffenhagen. DNS: Tyler Pastorius. Heat winners were Heineman and Mowery.


6.29.18 Results:


Outlaw Modifieds: (25 laps) – 1. Billy Van Pelt, 2. Jimmy Holden, 3. Phil Vigneri III, 4. Patrick Emerling, 5. Adam Hilton, 6. Dylan Groover, 7. 44, 8. Andy Jankowiak, 9. John Venuto, 10. Shayne Pierce, and 11. Patrick Hoopes. Heat winners were Van Pelt and Emerling.


Sportsman: (20 laps) – 1. Josh Wilcox, 2. Brad Rouse, 3. Ray Bliss, 4. Kyle Inman, 5. Austyn Fugle, 6. Adam Leslie, 7. Alan Bratek, 8. Brian Bellinger, 9. John Sekoll, 10. Tim Schram, 11. Mark Harsch 12. Cody Egner, 13. 87, Mike Denning, and 14. Matt Steffenhagen. DNS: Ray Bliss Jr. Heat winners were Inman and Bliss.


Mini Stocks: (15 laps) – 1. Brad Shepard, 2. Bobby Dickinson, 3. Chris Leone, 4. Donnie Clemons, 5. Matt Mowery, 6. Duane Powers, 7. Dylan Greene, 8. Eric Weiss, 9. Chris Horton, 10. John Parthemer, 11. Tyler Pastorius, 12. Don Whiteside, 13. Holden Heineman, 14. David Warrior, 15, Bradley Steffenhagen, and 16. Tyler Walters. DNS: Dylan Strade. Heat winners were Dickinson, Clemons, and Powers..


Mini Sprints: (20 laps) – 1. Eric Wise, 2. Nick Groff, 3. Jordan Noody, 4. Mickey Ciliberto, 5. Iv an Forney, 6. Cheyenna Ling, 7. Mike Kaiser, 8. Tori Kaplin. 9. DJ Shuman, 10. Ricky Pritchard, 11. Ron Strong. 12. Lisa Kratzer, 13. Kevin Woody, 14. Danny Knoll III, 15. Matt Kilroy, 16. Gary Kratzer, and 17.Chuck Hunt. Heat winners were Pritchard, Wise, and Knoll.



6.15.18 Results

PRIME TIME ENERGY SERVICES OUTLAW MODIFIEDS FIRST FEATURE (20 Laps) – Matt Williamson, Billy Van Pelt, Brad Rapp, Dillon Groover, Phil Vigneri III, John Venuto, Patrick Emerling, Shayne Pierce, Adam Hilton, Wally Wade, Patrick Hoopes, Jimmy Holden.

PRIME TIME ENERGY SERVICES OUTLAW MODIFIEDS SECOND FEATURE (20 Laps) – Billy Van Pelt, Matt Williamson, Phil Vigneri III, Dillon Groover, Brad Rapp, John Venuto, Adam Hilton, Patrick Emerling, Wally Wade, Patrick Hoopes. DNS- Shayne Pierce, Jimmy Holden

DIALED DESIGNS DIRTCAR SPORTSMAN- (20 Laps) – Brad Rouse, Austyn Fugle, Adam Leslie, Brian Bellinger, Ray Bliss, Josh Wilcox, Kyle Inman, Ed Cain, Tony Pangrazio, Alan Bratek, John Sekoll, Cody Egner, Tim Schram, Mark Harsch, Carl Inman, Ray Bliss Jr.

CUMMINGS TRUCKING STREET STOCKS (15 Laps) – Dennis Cummings, Bill Taylor, Curt Stebbins, Bill Demick, Joe Chamberlain, Ted Mascho, Ronnie Richter, DNS- Jesse Qutermos.

DANNY HEINEMAN & SONS MINI STOCKS $400 To Win (15 Laps) – Chris Leone, Dante Mancuso, Holden Heineman, Matt Mowery, Duane Powers, Casey Burch, Dylan Strade, Bill Weller, Bradley Steffenhagen, David Warrior, Tyler Oakes.

6.8. 18 Results:
Modifieds (30 laps) – 1. Billy Van Pelt, 2. Mat Williamson, 3  Dylan Groover, 4. Adam Hilton, 5. Phil Vigneri III, 6. Shayne Pierce, 7. Jimmy Holden, 8. Brad Rapp, 9. Patrick Hoopes, 10. Tom Holden, 11. Ray Bliss, 12. Patrick Emerling, 13. John Venuto, and 14. Ray Bliss Jr. Heat winners were Williamson and Venuto.
Sportsman: (20 laps) – 1. Brad Rouse, 2. Brian Bellinger, 3. Kyle Inman, 4. Austin Fugle, 5. Tim Schram, 6. John Sekoll, 7. Ben Dover, 8. Alan Bratek,.9. Tony Pangrazio, 10.. Cody Egner, and 11. Josh Wilcox. DNS- Adam Leslie. Heat winners were Inman and Rouse.
Street Stocks: (20 laps) – 1. Ted Mascho, 2. Andy Eastman, 3. Dennis Cummings, 4. Joe Chamberlain, 5. Bill Taylor, 6. Bill Demick, 7. Ryan Allen, 8. Ron Richter, 9. Randy Taylor, and 10. Dana Maybee. Heat winners were Chamberlain and Mascho.
Mini Stocks: (20 laps) – 1. Brad Shepard, 2. Dante Mancuso, 3. Matt Mowery, 4. Chris Leone, 5. Chad Dickinson, 6. Duane Powers, 7. Chris Horton, 8. Bobby Dickinson, 9. Bill Weller, 10. Tyler Walters, 11. Andrew Kramer, 12. Bradley Steffenhagen, 13. Dan Heineman, 14. Jeff Ganoung Jr., 15. Tyler Oakes, 16. David Warrier, 17. Tom Childs, 18. Billy Williams, and 19. Dylan Strade. Heat winners were Mancuso, Shepard, and Leone.
5.25.18 Results:
ULMS Late Models: (30 laps) – 1. Max Blair, 2. Mike Maresca, 3. Doug Eck, 4. Dave Dubois, 5. Mikey Wonderling, 6.. Mike Smith, 7. Danny Kienitz, 8. Nathan Hill, 9. Jason Dobson, 10. Alex Ferree, 11. Greg Oakes, 12. Chris Hackett, 13. Andy Boozel, 14. Garrett Mott, 15. John Lobb, 16. Al Brewer, 17. Matt Lux, and 18. Eric Andrus. Heat winners were Blair, Maresca, and Lux.
Sportsman: (20 laps) – 1. Brad Rouse, 2. Adam Leslie, 3. Kyle Inman, 4. Austin Fugle, 5. Josh Wilcox, 6. Zach George, 7. Tim Schram, 8. Vince Fargnoli, 9. Cody Egner, and 10. Alan Bratek. Heat winners were Rouse and Fugle.
Street Stocks: (20 laps) – 1. Billy Taylor, 2. Andy Eastman, 3. Bill Demick, 4. Joe Chamberlain, 5. Ted Mascho, 6. Dennis Cummings, 7.. Ryan Allen, 8. Ron Richter, and 9. Dustin Skinner. Heat winners were Chamberlain and Mascho.
Mini Stocks: (20 laps) – 1. Chad Dickinson, 2. Holden Heineman, 3. Brad Shepard, 4. Bill Weller, 5. Matt Mowery, 6. Eric Weiss, 7. Tyler Richmond, 8. Bobby Dickinson, 9. Richard Kline, 10. Duane Powers, 11. Tom Childs, and 12. Dylan Strade, DNS: Dave Lowe, David Warrior, Tyler Oakes, and Albert Rhodes. Heat winners were Bobby Dickinson and Shepard.
5.18.18 Results:
Outlaw Modifieds: (30 laps) – 1. Mat Williamson, 2. Billy Van Pelt, 3. Brad Rapp, 4. Jimmy Holden, 5. Phil Vigneri III, 6. Adam Hilton, 7. Ray Bliss, 8. John Venuto, 9. Andy Jankowiak, 10, Shayne Pierce, 11. Tony Pangrazio, 12. Ray Bliss Jr., and 13. Scott Boudinot. Heat winners were Pierce and Bliss.
Sportsman (20 laps) – 1. Brad Rouse, 2. Adam Leslie, 3. Kyle Inman, 4. Brian Bellinger, 5. Austin Fugle, 6. Josh Wilcox, 7. Tim Schram, 8. Zach George, and Cody Egner. Heat winner was Leslie.
Street Stocks: (15 laps) – 1. Bill Taylor, 2. Bill Demick, 3. Mike Jackson, 4. Joe Chamberlain, 5. Dennis Harrison, 6. Ted Mascho, 7. Terry Gaylor, 8. Ron Richter, 9. Paul Beil, and 10. Dennis Cummings. DNS: Andy Eastman. Heat winners were Chamberlain and Taylor.
Mini Stocks- (20 laps) – 1. Duane Powers, 2. Matt Mowrey, 3. Ryan Allen, 4. Tyler Oakes, 5. Brendan Schweigart, 6. David Warrior, 7. Damian Clark, 8. Eric Weiss, 9. Holden Heineman, 10. Bill Weller, 11. Rich Conte, 12. Deanna Jackson, 13. Tom Childs, and 14. Austin Woodring, DNS: Richard Kline, and Cara Pitts. Heat winners were Oakes and Weller.