Williamson and Blair Dazzle Overflow Crowd at Freedom Motorsports Park

DELEVAN, NY – Mat Williamson, from St Catharines, Ontario, won his second Outlaw Modified Feature in two tries in electrifying fashion, while Max Blair, from Centerville, PA, made it two for three in ULMS Super Late Model competition before a huge crowd at Freedom Motorsports Park on Saturday, September 16th. The show was shifted to Saturday from its customary Friday when Little Valley Speedway canceled its final 2017 event. The show drew a healthy 72 cars, including 22 Late Models and 21 Modifieds for track owner Bob Reis in the finale of his first season featuring Outlaw Modifieds as the top class.
Pole sitter Shannon Whaley set the early pace in the 30 lap Modified Feature, holding it through three cautions, two on lap eight, the first for a spin and the second a red flag for a multi-car pileup in turn three on the restart. The third and final caution flew on lap 10 for a slowing Ron Cartwright Jr., who was running in the top five.
The restart showed Whaley, Billy Van Pelt, who chose to run with a left front flat caused by earlier contact with another car, Dillon Groover, Scott Wood, and Williamson, who went off eighth. While Whaley drove out to a commanding lead, Williamson, the three time Big Block Champ at Lernerville, began a grueling march to the front, careening around the outside with his Big Block, claiming fourth from fellow Canadian Wood on lap 12, and third, after a prolonged battle with Groove, on lap 19. He finally clawed his way into second past Van Pelt on lap 25, while Whaley was cruising at the front, with a seemingly comfortable advantage.
Williamson kept digging on the outside and began to close, drawing within five car lengths on lap 28. By lap 29 he was breathing down Whaley’s neck and, as the white flag flew, he made a determined move on the front chute to take the lead in turn one. From there, he went on to score the stunning win. Whaley settled for second, followed by newly crowned Mod champion Adam Hilton, who journeyed up from 14th, with Groover and Wood completing the top five in the crowd pleasing race.
Williamson offered, “We weren’t very good early. We decided to bring our Big Block down and it got slippery toward the end. I saw Adam (Hilton) poking his nose on the bottom. I had committed to the top at that point and knew I couldn’t get by the 44 (Whaley) if we went to the bottom. So I just stuck with the top. It’s a good thing it wasn’t 25 laps. We needed every bit of those thirty. I didn’t think I could catch the 44. The car was pretty good, and he ran a heck of a race. My car came on late and we just never gave up.”
Blair, who went off ninth, faced a different challenge in the 30 lap Late Model Feature- survival. Five cautions in the first nine laps slowed proceedings, as some slower cars that inherited redraw spots in their heats, had difficulties. Chris Hackett and previous race winner Dave Hess took the top two positions early and held them through the early carnage, while Blair was deftly avoiding trouble and picking his way forward.
By the lap nine restart, he was lying fourth, but he quickly dispatched Brady Wonderling to claim third and two laps later grabbed second from Hess. From there, he set out after Hackett, who was setting the pace at the front. He patiently reeled in Hackett and was challenging him for the lead by lap 19, when two cautions slowed things once again.
When the race resumed, Blair immediately went after Hackett, finally wresting the lead from his long time foe on lap 23. From there, in typical Blair fashion, he drove away in clean air over the final seven laps. Hess, with a late pass, finished second, with Hackett, Wonderling, and Greg Oakes rounding out the top five.
Blair, who is having another dominating season, allowed, “We kind of set up for the bottom. We knew we were starting in the back, and I knew that the top was a little faster early. So, we kind of aimed to hopefully be able to run the bottom because we knew we had to, to be able to pass some guys. It all worked out. The race track was awesome. You could run all over it. It’s been a while since I’ve been on a race track that physically demanding and fun to race on. That was a good time.”
The supporting classes had some drama of their own. In the 20 lap Street Stock Feature, Bill Taylor, from Arcade, wired the field for his second win of the year, but had to withstand a withering attack from Bill Demick through the entire race. Demick got under him numerous times, but couldn’t complete a pass for the lead, prompting this from Taylor, “That was a heck of a race. To start out front made things easier, but I felt pressure the whole race. Demick never bumped me once. He got under me a bunch of times, but it was the cleanest race you can believe. It was awesome.”
Finally, in the 20 lap Mini Stock Feature, runaway leader Brad Shepard suddenly broke on lap 17, handing the lead and ultimately the win to Duane Powers, from Belfast. Powers deadpanned, “It was just my night, I guess.”
NOTES: With the success of the Super Late Model shows and the vindication of Bob Reis’s decision to scrap the Crate Lates in favor of the Outlaw Modifieds, allowing all manner of Modifieds to compete, as evidenced by the huge fan turnout, along with the popularity of the Bellinger Electric Lightning Series for the Sportsman earlier in the season, the future looks bright for Freedom Motorsports Park.
9.18.17  Murphy’s Logging, Bob McKerrow & Sons RV, Upstate Auto Group, Previty’s Auto Wrecking and Dialed Designs Big Dog Saturday Results:
Modifieds: (30 laps) – 1. Mat Williamson, 2. Shannon Whaley, 3. Adam Hilton, 4. Dillon Groover, 5. Scott Wood, 6. Billy Van Pelt, 7. Tyler Willard, 8. Kyle Coffey, 9. Justin Wright, 10. Phil Vigneri, 11. Patrick Emerling, 12. Donnie Lawson, 13. Rick Richner, 14. James Sweeting, 15. Tony Pangrazio, 16. Shayne Pierce, 17. Tom Holden, 18. Ron Cartwright Jr., 19. Mike Bowman, 20. Steve Schumacher, and 21. John Smith. Heat winners were Cartwright, Williamson, and Bowman.
Late Models: (30 laps) – 1. Max Blair, 2. Dave Hess, 3. Chris Hackett, 4. Brady Wonderling, 5. Greg Oakes, 6. Russ King, 7. Damien Bidwell, 8. Chad Ruhlman, 9. Doug Eck, 10. Pete Alspaugh, 11. Nathan Hill, 12. Jason Dobson, 13. Brayton Santee, 14. John Weaver, 15. Joe Layfield, 16. DJ Krug, 17. Andy Boozel, 18. Brent Rhebergen, 19. Cody Egner, 20. Bob Dorman, and 21. Bob Rohrer. DNS: Kevin Santee. Heat winners were Blair, Hackett, and King. Big Dog LM/Mod Shootout- Greg Oakes. Murphy’s Logging fast Time- Max Blair 14.024
Street Stocks: (20 laps) – 1. Bill Taylor, 2. Bill Demick, 3. Dennis Cummings, 4. Brian Mohawk, 5. Steve Sklar, 6. Jeremy Perry, 7. Roy Gearhart, 8. Vic Redeye, 9. Ted Mascho, 10. Mike Sparcino, 11. Mike Parmenter, 12. Jack Warrior, and 13. Dalton Martin. DNS: Dana Maybee. Heat winners were Cummings and Sklar.
Mini Stocks: (15 laps) – 1. Duane Powers, 2. Donnie Clemons, 3. Brian Grant, 4. Holden Heineman, 5. Brandon Shepard, 6. Leroy Buscumb, 7. Austin Woodring, 8. Dan Heineman, 9. Robert Gardner, 10. Tyler Oakes, 11. Dave Lowe, 12. Brendon Schweigert, 13. Rob Sauder, and 14. Brad Shepard. Heat winners were Brad Shepard and Clemons.


9.1.17 Budweiser/Sanzo Beverage King of the Hill Championship Night Results

Modifieds: (30 laps) – 1. Mat Williamson, 2. Adam Hilton, 3. Billy Van Pelt, 4. Phil Vigneri III, 5. Shannon Whaley, 6. Ron Cartwright Jr., 7. Patrick Emerling, 8. James Sweeting, 9. Tony Pangrazio, 10. John Venuto, 11. Shayne Pierce, 12. Ricky Newton, and 13. Ray Bliss. Heat winners were Hilton and Williamson.

Sportsman: (20 laps) – 1. Kyle Inman, 2. Brad Rouse, 3. Austin Fugle, 4.Tim Schram, 5. Eric Ensell, 6. Stephanie Megliore, 7..Brian McKelvey, 8. Adam Leslie, 9. Cody Egner. and 10. Alan Bratek. DNS: Brian Bellinger. Heat winners were Leslie and Bellinger.

Street Stocks: (15 laps) – 1. Dennis Cummings, 2. Ted Mascho, 3. Erik Murray, 4. Steve Sklar, 5. Rob Stromecki, 6. Mike Jackson, 7. Bill Taylor, and 8. Jeremy Perry. Heat winners were Mascho and Cummings.

Mini Stocks: (15 laps) – 1. Billy Weller, 2. Holden Heineman, 3. Mike Jackson, 4. Duane Powers, 5. Austin Woodring, and 6. Brad Shepard. DNS: Kurt Babcock. Heat winner was Heineman.



‘OUTLAW 200’ MODIFIED QUALIFIER FEATURE-BILLY VAN PELT, Erick Rudolph, Adam Hilton, Ron Cartwright, Donnie Lawson, James Sweeting, Rich Rickner, Tony Pangrazio, Eldon Payne, Justin Wright, Shayne Pierce, John Venuto, Ray Bliss, Chris Ostrowsky, Kyle Coffey, Ricky Newton, Patrick Emerling, Phil Vigneri III.

ROC SPORTSMAN/BEI LIGHTNING SERIES FEATURE-ADAM LESLIE, Brad Rouse, Chad Chevalier, Luke Carleton, Austyn Fugle, Kyle Inman, Brian Bellinger, Dave Conant, Cody McPherson, John Sekoll, Zach Sam, Alan Bratek, Tim Schram, Mike Denning, Eric Ensell, Matt Steffenhagen, Brian McKelvey, Ray Bliss Jr, Mike Chiddy, Ray Bliss, Cody Egner, Justin Sharpe (DNS), Michael Oakes (DNS).

STREET STOCK FEATURE-BILL TAYLOR, Jessie Quetermous, Ted Mascho, Jeremy Perry, Rob Stromecki, Steve Sklar, Bill Demick, Ryan Allen, Bill Tice, Matt Putt, Dustin Goss, Jake Mascho, Dennis Cummings.

MINI STOCK FEATURE-BRAD SHEPARD, Duane Powers, Brandon Shepard, Tyler Oakes, Allison Dewitt, Austin  Woodring, Danny Heineman (DNS), Holden Heineman (DNS), Matt Mowers (DNS).

8.18.17  Sahlens Night Results:
Super Late Models: (30 laps) – 1. Dave Hess, 2. Greg Oakes, 3. Max Blair, 4. Brent Rhebergen, 5. Brady Wonderling, 6. Mike Wonderling, 7. Andy Boozel, 8. Jake Finnerty, 9. Nahan Hill, 10. Jason Dobson, 11. Dave Dubois, 12. John Weaver, 13. Kevin Santee, 14. Joe Layfield, 15. Breyton Santee, 16. Bump Hedman, 17. Ward Schell, 18. Kyle Murray, and 19. Cody Egner. Heat winners were Oakes, Blair, and Hess.
Pure Stocks: (30 laps) – 1. Bill Deming, 2. Dustin Challingsworth, 3. Jake Mascho, 4. James Thompson, 5. Dennis Harrison Jr., 6. Lucas Cornelius, 7. Mike Parmenter, 8. Dennis Hathaway, 9. Matt Putt, 10. Butch Jackson, 11. Ed Parmenter, 12. Tyrone Hendly, 13. Dave Wilson, 14. Dustin Goss, 15. Frank Neamon, 16. Matt Mowery, 17. Terry Gaylor, 18. Kylee Brown, and 19. David Warrior. DNS: Jason Dobson. Heat winners were Challingsworth, Deming, and Mascho.
NY6A Mini Sprints: (15 laps) – 1. Tyler Walker, 2. Matt Smith, 3. Ben Kysor, 4. Nick Groff, 5. Eric Wise, 6. Brian Vetter, 7. Gary Kratzer, 8. Shelby Ogozaly, 9. Jordan Noody, 10. Danny Knoll, 11. Wyatt Walker, 12. Lisa Kratzer, 13. Katy Knoll, and 14. Scott Kreutter, Heat winners were Kreutter and Kysor.
Mini Stocks: (15 laps) – 1. Brad Shepard, 2. Ryan Allen, 3. Duane Powers, 4. Matt Mowery, 5. Brendan Schweigart, 6. Robert Gardner, 7. Austin Woodring, 8. Tyler Oakes, 9.Chris Horton, 10. Dylan Greene 11. Holden Heineman, and 12. Greg Rockwell. Heat winners were Allen and Heineman.


7.27.17 Results- Rear End Specialists & Fleet Maintenance Night:

Modifieds: (30 laps) – 1. Adam Hilton, 2. Chad Brachmann, 3. Brad Rapp, 4. Curt Van Pelt, 5. Shayne Pierce, 6. Patrick Emerling, 7. Phil Vigneri III, 8. John Venuto, 9. Tony Pangrazio, 10. Ray Bliss, 11. Chris Ostrowsky, 12. James Sweeting, 13, Shannon Whaley, 14. Ron Cartwright Jr., and 15. Nick Joy. Heat winners were Cartwright and Whaley.

Sportsman: (25 laps) – 1. Brad Rouse, 2. Adam Ashcroft, 3. Kyle Inman, 4. Cody Egner. 5. Eric Ensell, 6. Tim Schram, 7. Alan Bratek, 8. Brian Bellinger, 9. Adam Leslie, 10. Michael Oakes, 11. Ray Bliss, and Mike Eastman. DQ: Austin Fugle. Heat winners were Rouae and Leslie.

Street Stocks: (20 laps) – 1. Dennis Cummings, 2. Al Brewer, 3. Joe Chamberlain, 4. Ted Mascho, 5. Rob Stromecki, 6. Steve Sklar, 7. Josh Wilcox, 8. Bill Taylor, 9. Mike Parmenter, 10. Dustin Goss, 11. Jeremy Perry, 12. Mike Putt, 13. Bill Demick, and and 14. Levi Watson. Heat winners were Mascho and Brewer.

Mini Stocks: (15 laps) – 1. Holden Heineman, 2. Ryan Allen, 3. Brad Shepard, 4. Brendon Schweigart, 5. Austin Woodring, 6. Tyler Oakes, 7. Tom Childs, 8. Duane Powers, 9. Mike Jackson, 10. Greg Rockwell, and 11. Matt Mowery. Heat winners were Allen and Jackson.

7.21.17 Results: Marcos Pizza/Danny Heineman & Sons Autograph Night
Outlaw Modifieds: (30 laps) – 1. Billy Van Pelt, 2. Ron Cartwright Jr., 3. Phil Vigneri III, 4. Shayne Pierce, 5. Nick Joy, 6.Adam Hilton, 7. Scott Wood, 8. Shannon Whaley, 9. James Sweeting, 10. John Venuto, 11. Ray Bliss, 12. Boyd MacTavish, 13. Tony Pangrazio, and 14. Chris Ostrowsky. Heat winners were Van Pelt and Sweeting.
Sportsman: (25 laps) – 1. Brad Rouse, 2. Kyle Inman, 3. Adam Leslie, 4. Adam Ashcroft, 5. Brian Bellinger, 6. Eric Ensell, 7. Brett Clark, 8. Matt Steffenhagen, 9. Ray Bliss, 10. John Sekoll, 11. Tim Schram, 12. Alan Bratek, 13. Cody Egner, and 14 Michael Oakes. Heat winners were Leslie and Bellinger.
Street Stocks: (20 laps) – 1. Al Brewer, 2. Joe Chamberlain, 3. Rob Stromecki, 4. Steve Sklar, 5. Billy Taylor, 6. Bill Demick. 7. Dustin Goss, 8. Mike Jackson, 9. Dennis Cummings, 10. Ted Mascho, 11. Jake Masco, and 12. Fred Ely. Heat winners were Taylor and Brewer.
Mini Stocks: (12 laps) – 1. Brad Shepard, 2. Holden Heineman, 3. Matt Mowery, 4. Mike Jackson, and 5. Tom Childs. DNS: Tyler Oakes. Heat winner was Heineman.


7.14.17 Results- Yorkshire Battery Night

Super Late Models: (30 laps) – 1. Max Blair, 2. Dave Hess, 3. Greg Oakes, 4. David Scott, 5. Nathan Hill, 6. Damian Bidwell, 7. Mike Wonderling, 8. Brent Rhebergen, 9. John Weaver, 10. Breyton Santee, 11. Joe Layfield, 12. Brady Wonderling, 13. Dave Dubois, 14. Kevin Santee, 15. Ward Schell, 16. Chad Hollenbeck and 17. Cody Egner. DNS: Jason Dobson. Heat winners were Hess, Blair, and Brady Wonderling.  Max Blair-Fast Time- 14.053

Sportsman: (20 laps) – 1. Brad Rouse, 2. Adam Leslie, 3. Adam Ashcroft, 4. Kyle Inman, 5. Brian Bellinger, 6. Ray Bliss, 7. Brett Clark, 8. Eric Ensell 9. Tim Schram 10. Cody Egner, 11. Michael Oakes, and 12. Alan Bratek. DNS: Mike Eastman. Heat winners were Ashcroft and Rouse.

Street Stocks: (20 laps) – 1. Al Brewer, 2. Steve Sklar, 3. Joe Chamberlain, 4. Rob Stromecki, 5. Bill Taylor, 6. Jack Warrior 7. Jeremy Perry, 8. Bill Tice, 9. Jake Masco, 10. Dennis Cummings, 11. Randy Taylor, 12. Bill Demick, 13. Kevin Dzuroff, and 14. Dustin Goss. Heat winners were Brewer and Chamberlain.

Mini Stocks: (15 laps) – 1. Holden Heineman, 2. Brad Shepard, 3. Matt Mowery 4. Kurt Babcock 5. Duane Powers, 6. Eric Weiss, 7. Tom Childs, and 8. Tyler Oakes. DQ: Dante Mancuso. DNS: Tyler Topler and Holden Farr. Heat winners were Heineman and Mancuso.


6.16.17 Results- Barnacle Brothers Reclaimed Lumber Night


Modifieds: (30 laps) – 1. Billy Van Pelt, 2. Phil Vigneri III, 3. Randy Chrysler, 4. Ron Cartwright Jr., 5. Mike Bowman, 6. James Sweeting, 7. John Venuto, 8. Adam Hilton, 9. Patrick Emerling, 10. Chris Ostrowsky, 11. Tony Pangrazio, 12. Ray Bliss, and Shayne Pierce. Heat winners were Bliss and Van Pelt.


Sportsman: (25 laps) – 1. Kyle Inman, 2. Cody McPherson, 3. Adam Ashcroft, 4. James Friesen, 5. Brad Rouse, 6. Ray Bliss, 7. Tom Richau, 8. Mark Chiddy, 9. Brian Bellinger, 10. Alan Bratek, 11. Cody Egner, 12. John Sekoll, and 13. Tim Schram. DNS: Mike Eastman. Heat winners were Bliss and McPherson.


Street Stocks: (20 laps) – 1. Pat Powers, 2. Al Brewer, 3. Dennis Cummings, 4. Ted Mascho, 5. Joe Chamberlain, 6. Rob Stromecki, 7. Bill Demick, 8. Glen Vancise, 9. Bruno Mowery, 10. Mike Jackson, 11. Bill Taylor, 12. Jake Masco, 13. Jim Claypool, 14. Terry Gaylor, 15. Steve Sklar, 16. Dustin Goss, 17. Dana Maybee, and 18. Frank Neamon. DNS: Jack Warrior. Heat winners were Mowery, Stromecki, and Powers.


Mini Stocks: (12 laps) – 1. Matt Mowery, 2. Ryan Allen, 3. Tom Childs, 4. Holden Heineman and Chris Benz. Heat winner was Heineman.



6.9.17 Results- Sixt Lumber Night

PRIME TIME ENERGY SERVICES OUTLAW MODIFIEDS (30 Laps) – Shayne Pierce, Billy Van Pelt, Adam Hilton, Phil Vigneri III, Kevin Hoffman, Kyle Fink, Patrick Emerling, Tom Holden, Rick Hoctor, John Venuto, Ray Bliss, Ron Cartwright Jr, Brad Rapp. DNS- Tony Pangrazio.

NY6A MICRO SPRINTS (20 laps) – Mickey Ciliberto, Shelby Ogozaly, Tyler Walker, Jonny Kolosek, Chuck Hunt, Eric Wise, Nick Groff, Ben Kysor, Brian Vetter, Gary Kratzer, Matt Smith, Lisa Kratzer, Jordan Noody, Danny Knoll Jr, Wyatt Walker. DNS-Brandon Oddo.

TIDDS TOWING DIRTCAR SPORTSMAN- (25 Laps) – Brad Rouse, Adam Leslie, Adam Ashcroft, Kyle Inman, Ray Bliss, James Friesen, Brian Bellinger, John Sekoll, Alan Bratek, Eric Ensell, Tim Schram, Ben Dover, Cody Egner. DNS- Mike Eastman.

PIONEER FORD STREET STOCKS (20 Laps) – Dennis Cummings, Randy Taylor, Mike Jackson, Steve Sklar, Rob Stromecki, Bill Taylor, Jake Masco, Ted Mascho, Bill Tice, Dustin Goss, Bill Demick.

DANNY HEINEMAN & SONS MINI STOCKS (15 Laps) – Matt Mowery, Brad Shepard, Holden Heineman, Ryan Allen, Chris Benz, Matt Hornquist, Tom Childs.


 6.2.17 Results Bellinger Electric Night
Modifieds: (30 laps) – 1. Shayne Pierce, 2. Adam Hilton, 3. Phil Vigneri III, 4. Ron Cartwright Jr. 5. Ray Bliss, 6. Rick Richner, 7. Rich Regalski, 8. Rick Hoctor, 9. Tony Pangrazio, 10. Randy Chrysler, and 11. Erick Rudolph. DNS: Brad Rapp. Heat winners were Cartwright and Hilton.
Sportsman: (40 laps) – 1. Cody McPherson, 2. Brad Rouse, 3. Chad Chevalier, 4. Darrel Farraway, 5. Justin Sharp, 6. Adam Ashcroft, 7. Kyle Inman, 8. Adam Leslie, 9. Mark Chiddy, 10. Ray Bliss, 11. Brian Bellinger, 12. Zach Sam, 13. Tom Richau, 14. Eric Ensell, 15. Alan Bratek, 16. Cody Egner, 17. James Friesen, 18. Carl Inman, 19. Tim Schram, and 20. Michael Oakes. Heat winners were Bliss, Leslie, and Rouse. Dash winner was Sharp.
Street Socks: (12 laps) – 1. Dennis Cummings, 2. Al Brewer, 3. Joe Chamberlain, 4. Ted Mascho, 5. Jake Mascho, 6. Bill Tice, 7. Rob Stromecki, 8. Bruno Mowery, 9. Steve Sklar, 10. Bill Taylor, 11. Bill Demick, 12. Dustin Goss, 13. Kane Stebbins, and 14. Terry Gaylor. Heat winners were Cummings and Ted Mascho.
Mini Stocks: (12 laps) – 1. Brad Shepard, 2. Duane Powers, 3. Holden Heineman, 4. Ryan Allen, 5. Chris Horton, 6. Austin Woodring, 7. Tony Kulesza, 8. Mike Torrence, and 9. Tyler Oakes. DQ: Bruno Mowery. Heat winners were Powers and Shepard.

5.19.17 Results: Primetime Energy Services & Pepsi Night

Modifieds: (30 laps) – 1. Brad Rapp, 2. Ron Cartwright Jr., 3. Adam Hilton, 4. Patrick Emerling, 5. Randy Chrysler, 6. Tom Flannigan, 7. Tom Holden, 8. Cody McPherson, 9. Rick Richner, 10. Shayne Pierce, 11. Scott Wood, 12. Billy Van Pelt, 13. Tony Pangrazio, 14. Ray Bliss, 15. John Venuto, and 16. Rick Hoctor. Heat winners were Chrysler and Hilton.

Sportsman: (25 laps)- 1. James Friesen, 2. Brad Rouse, 3. Dave Flannigan, 4. Adam Ashcroft, 5. Adam Leslie, 6. Kyle Inman, 7. Austin Susice, 8. Dave DiPietro, 9. Brian Bellinger, 10. Ray Bliss, 11. Anthony Muscato, 12. Eric Ensell, 13. Cody Egner, 14. Tim Schram, 15. John Sekoll, 16. Ray Bliss Jr., and 17. Alan Bratek. Heat winners were Rouse and Leslie.

Street Stocks: (20 laps) – 1. Al Brewer, 2. Dennis Cummings, 3. Bill Deming, 4. Ted Mascho, 5. Jason Dobson, 6. Bruno Mowery, 7. Rob Stromecki, 8 .Jake Masco, 9. Steve Sklar, 10. Bill Taylor, 11, Dustin Goss, and 12. Dennis Hathaway. DNS: Joe Chamberlain. Heat winners were Dobson and Demming.

Mini Stocks: (15 laps) – 1. Brad Shepard, 2. Holden Heineman, 3. Matt Mowery, 4. Tom Childs, 5. Austin Woodring, 6. Matt Hornquist, 7. Tom Kulesza, and 8. Ruben Coffey. DNS: Cole Susice. Heat winners were Shepard and Coffey.